Coconut screw oil press machine is also called as screw oil expeller, which is advanced oil extracting machinery, characterized by its high oil yield with good quality, simple design and convenient operation

Coconut Oil Press Features

Usually, copra oil is extracted from dried coconut. The oil content of dried coconut can reach about 70%, which is a kind of oil with very high oil material. In the tropics, coconut oil is the most important oil for people to eat. Coconut oil is particularly stable, so it can be used in high temperature fried food, and its shelf life can also be up to two years.

Working principle of copra oil press machine:

When the oil press machine works, pour the pre-treated oil cake into the chamber from the hopper. When the screw rotates, it continuously pushes the oil cake inward. Through the mutual extrusion of the chamber, the screw and the oil cake, the oil in the oil cake is extruded and discharged from the drainage tank of the oil press.

Advantages of copra oil press machine:

On the basis of summing up production practice experience, we optimized the internal structure of theHigh capacity small coconut oil making machine.

Comparing with ordinary oil press machines, the pressure inside the chamber of the oil press produced by us is higher and the distance of embryo in the chamber is longer, so the oil extraction efficiency of our oil press is improved and the residual oil rate of oil is reduced to the smallmum.

In the fragile parts of the equipment, we use high quality alloy steel to build, which significantly improves the overall service life of the equipment.


Generally speaking, the process of oil extraction is divided into three parts: pretreatment, oil extraction and refining.


Pretreatment refers to the removal of oil shell and impurities in oil seeds by various machines or manual means, which can improve oil extraction efficiency, reduce equipment wear and improve oil quality.


There are two ways to get oil, one is to press oil, the other is to extract oil. We should according to the daily capacity and the different oil seeds, choose a better way of extracting oil. If you have a plan to establish an edible oil extracting company and want to know more about the industry, please contact us.We will arrange professional sales engineers for each customer to solve your problems.


Refining is the removal of impurities from the extracted oil by various physical and chemical means, which makes the oil clear in color, fragrant in smell and has a longer shelf life.